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5 Crucial Reasons to Review The Content On Your Site at Least Once a Year

Issue #1-12/2020

“You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression”

Well, what does your website say about you and your business?

Sure, it needs to load fast. Yes, it needs to look great. And, of course, the content – the words on the page makes a difference. But what drives your website’s success are the search engines. They need to find your site … first!

Your website is a entity that lives and breathes. It’s never finished. It’s never “done.” It’s a work in progress and should evolve like technology and life itself.

Let me explain …

… the 5 legitimate reasons why you(or a competent professional) should regularly review and update the content on your website:

1. Your Content Should Be Focused On Answering The Question – WIIFM? Your day-trippers are looking to solve a problem or gather information. And when they land on your website, they’re looking for the answer to the question, “What’s In It For Me?

Answer that and you’re in a stronger position to help a lot more of your people.

Let me be blunt here – Your visitors don’t care how many years you’ve been in business, how much it cost you to build your house or how many awards you’ve won. They have their radio station tuned to WIIFM. Remove the static and watch sales grow.

2. Your Credibility Is On The Line. If your content isn’t up-to-date and relevant, you lose those who know, liked and trusted you. You’ll lose visitors faster than a slot machine will gobble up your $100 dollar bills. Then guess what? They’ll land on your competitor’s website – probably never to return. How many of those gut punches are you willing to take?

3. Search Engines Determine What Site Has The Best New Information Available. So you haven’t posted any new content in years? Congratulations. Your site’s less likely to be considered for a high ranking. Feed the Beasts – Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines might take notice and rank your website higher – meaning more traffic means more clicks equals more sales. The math doesn’t lie.

4. Standing Out From Your Competition. You want to be #1 in your industry. By creating unique blog posts, articles, and other content, you can become the authority in your marketplace. Spouting high quality, cutting-edge information will set you apart from the rest of the opposition. Think of your favorite rebels who are polarizing – love ’em or hate ’em – they stand out from the ordinary.

5. The year 2020! Need I say more?

Here’s what I’m talking about …

… think of your website as a vehicle. Every car needs scheduled maintenance. Your website needs a content “check-up” periodically so it’ll continue run at performance. It’s a diagnosis, like the kind an auto mechanic would perform on your truck if it wasn’t running right.

Website Content Diagnosis: a “why isn’t my website working” check-up.

Hi. I’m Tom DeVoe, a Website Content Copywriter. I have a process that’ll systematically review your Homepage and a few other pages to pinpoint where the gaps are and your missed opportunities for grabbing more traffic, leads, and sales your site might be missing. I follow a specific checklist that works. Then recommend a plan to correct what needs attention.

But first things first …

… let’s connect. Fill out the short contact form here and let me know what issues you’re having regarding your site. Would it be no traffic? No leads? No sales? Something else? You’re under no obligation or hard sales pressure when we jump on a quick call.

Will you let me, help you, attract more qualified, hands-raised traffic that turns into leads?

The year 2020 was something else. Let’s make the year 2021 and beyond something more!

To your success,

Tom “Diagnose, Prescribe, Revive” DeVoe

P.S. Your busy, and I get it. So, let me ask you this, “Is there any real reason not to fill out the form?”