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A site content audit(diagnosis, check-up, review, etc.) isn’t a technical audit … you know, the one where programmers dig deep into the bowels of a website…

Rather, it’s an analysis of a website to see how the content’s working, identify gaps, and highlight what’s missing.

So many businesses spend thousands of dollars on a new or redesigned website, only to find users:

  • Click away before the 8 second timer is up
  • Don’t click through to other pages
  • Left the cart in the check-out lane

In short, they don’t take a desired action. A desired action that may benefit them!

And these businesses have no idea what’s wrong with their site or how to fix it. That’s where a site Content Diagnosis can help you and your business.

It identifies these points of resistance and provides a clear road map for solutions.

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time is money

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