Frustrated Freelance Web Copywriter Discovers A Unique Way To Increase Traffic, Improve Engagement, and Turn More Clicks-into-Sales … Without Spending a Penny On Ads”

Are you one of the many business owners who spend thousands of dollars on a new or redesigned website, only to find your visitors:

  • Spend less than 8 seconds on your site(yes, we don’t have the patience we once did)
  • Don’t click through to the other pages(made a split second decision they were in the wrong place)
  • Abandon the shopping cart(most of the marketing worked!)

In short, they don’t take a desired action. And maybe your business has no idea what’s wrong with your site or how to fix it …


Dear (Frustrated?)Business Owner,

What I’m about to tell you is true.

Once, I had a website. A website that came with a hefty price tag to build. A website without traffic. And eventually, a website that broke…me.

So, what did I do?

Basically, what every normal, enthusiastic, panicked, business-building masochist would do … and if you’re a man, you can relate …

… I started blindly changing this and adjusting that hoping to increase my website traffic.

Spent money on ads that didn’t produce.

Read article after article to try and crack the “Build It and They Will Come” code. And when that didn’t work, I’d lie awake at night, stare at the ceiling-waiting before dawn-contemplating my next move.

Sound familiar?

And sales? Fuhgettaboutit!

So, one afternoon, miserable, disappointed(with finger and thumb in the gun position)and about ready to throw in the towel, I’m sitting in front of the TV. Another time-sucking commercial comes on that portrays a well seasoned woman going to her doctor for whatever ailment she had.


In other words, when you’re sick, you go see a doctor. Maybe. If your car isn’t running like it should, you’d take it to an honest mechanic, yes? Drain clogged? You’d call “Pete” the trustworthy plumber.

The common thread?

They all perform a check-up. A diagnosis. A rubber-gloved exam.

A Check-Up.

A doctor shouldn’t prescribe medication or even surgery without asking probing questions and digging deeper into the problem. Neither can a plumber, auto mechanic, financial planner, or any other professional, right?

So, I needed to figure out why my patient wasn’t working. And I was …

DESPERATE for a solution!

What’d I do? Uh, huhhh…

I performed my own website Check-Up.

I put myself in my customers’ shoes.

My eyes were instantly attracted to all the missed opportunities. I was amazed! Right there, in front of me…lesson learned.

My site wasn’t organized and because of that, I was burnin’ money every month!


There’s at least 7 primary zones and 11 key areas on a website that are EXTREMELY important to its overall success. And the majority involve the content.

That’s a powerful one, two punch!

You created your website to be the “face” of your business online. It was a big investment in time and money.

However, if any of those areas aren’t working, missing critical information or have some other flaw then it’s “broken.”

Besides that …,

… paying those sky-high monthly fees and not getting a positive ROI isn’t smart business. Especially, if you’re on a “economically challenged” budget.

All you know is this:

  • You’re website isn’t getting enough quality traffic
  • It’s not showing up on Google’s 1st, 2nd or 10th page
  • Visitors are bailing out on your site too quickly
  • Worse yet, the visitors that do stay, aren’t buying your products or services!

… and that’s not good.

Let’s face it … YOU don’t have the time to figure out what’s “wrong” with your site because YOU have a business to run!


Well, what if there was a way to quickly find out what’s “wrong” with your website and how to fix it? Would you be interested in learning how I could help you?

Hello. I’m Tom DeVoe. I’m a freelance website copywriter who helps lessor known(but only for a short time)businesses get more qualified, targeted traffic, better engagement, and more transactions. By specializing in a website Content Diagnosis, I can pinpoint the areas of your site that needs the most attention.

Using a logical and tested formula, I’ll DIAGNOSE, PRESCRIBE and help REVIVE your underperforming website.

An easy formula to understand but not simple to execute, if you don’t know what you’re doing. If done correctly though, you’ll notice an uptick in traffic without paying for it.

Can you see what’s possible?

Again, this is a proven concept to help pinpoint the areas that need correcting and fills in gaps that exist. Get access to website content audits for more info.


Quarantines, stay-at-home orders, and restricted in-person commerce have driven more people online than ever before. Look at these numbers …

According to a Statista article, 2/23/2022 “… the number of digital buyers keeps climbing every year. In 2020, over two billion people purchased goods or services online, and during the same year, e-retail sales surpassed 4.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide.”

Consumers are shopping online in record numbers. They’re looking for your product or service! Looking for an answer. A solution. Can they find it?

I don’t want your first born – just requesting a little info …

Fill out the contact form(takes < 2 minutes)with your best contact information and from there, we’ll have an honest conversation about what the issues are concerning your website. No pressure, no obligation, and NO BS!

Let’s creating a winning strategy – ready to implement – to get the results you see other business owners celebrate! Why not you? Why not your business?

In your corner,

Tom “No Better Time Than Right Now” DeVoe

P.S. Imagine, finally attracting qualified traffic to your website … people who have raised their hand and said, “Yeah, I’m looking and my wallet’s open.”

Also, imagine what’ll happen if you don’t fill out the form…Answer: NOTHING.