Ok, a little about me…

I like long walks on the beach, puppies and rainbows(errr…wrong platform!) ; )

Seriously, I like words. String a few together with a melody and you have a song. A smash hit? Who knows. But, here’s what I mean about communication … intense, powerful words have started wars. Affectionate, loving and persuasive words have started relationships. Sensible and logical words have ended wars. And yes, hurtful words have ended relationships. Words have that power.

Where The Magic Happens

But when you put words and images in a sequence that moves people to open their wallets and buy whatever you are selling, because it will benefit them, then that’s MAGIC!

Reading Is Fundamental

Having studied(and still am) marketing for the past 11 years enables me to learn more about topics such as human psychology. I continue to read classic marketing and copywriting books by the legends such as Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, David Olgilvy, Bob Bly, Ted Nicholas, John Capels, Gary Bencivenga, and the list gets longer from there.

I’ve completed several online Personal Development courses related to online marketing and copywriting from AWAI(American Writers’ & Artists Inc.) including Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies, SEO Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, and others. I’m also a proud member of AWAI’s Professional Writers’ Alliance.

I’m a life long learner and have invested quite a bit of time and resources in perfecting my craft.

So, how does that benefit you? Because by studying AND implementing what I’ve learned, I can take your vision, combine it with words – persuasive words – that connect with your audience and reward them with the benefit of your product or service!

Let’s Work Together To Figure This Thing Out

When I started out on this journey of marketing my goal was and still is – to help as many struggling business owners as I can discover why their websites aren’t working like it could. And to help them increase their traffic and sales using the power of words. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to contact us today. “Operators are standing by.” ; )