Grab a Chair at the Email Buffet Table

Here’s a quick read on some of the different types of emails…

1). The Welcome Email – These are usually sent immediately after someone takes an action, such as …opting in to your list, downloading your free lead magnet, signing up for a mini-class, or purchasing your product or service, etc.

Typically, welcome emails thank the user for subscribing or buying.

They’re meant to make the reader feel welcomed by your company, who they’ve agreed to receive emails from.

They also re-affirm their emotional decision to give you their email address in exchange for your lead magnet. And when you show them how to access AND consume the valuable information you have waiting for them…that’s a WIN!

But, at the same time, they open a dialogue in their mind, justifying the action.

Of course, by now, you make the user feel like they’ve joined a family of like-minded people and encourage them to consume or use the product they just bought.

It’s easy in it’s simplicity.

2). The Teaser Email – The name says it all! The one and only goal of this email is to create so much intrigue that the visitor has no choice but to click on the link to see what it’s all about.

This type of email is usually the first in a series to “tease” the prospect about a new product or service being launched.

3). The Social Proof Email – If your company has a collection of satisfied customer success stories, you’ll definitely want to use these to reaffirm your product’s promise, benefit and/or claim that it does what you say it does – BUT coming from a satisfied customer.

Nothing’s stronger than someone else tooting your horn.

Something as simple as saying, ” Liam was in your shoes struggling with ____ and after using our product, he’s now ______, (the benefits of using our product).”

Normally, this type of email is created and deployed in the new product launch series.

4). The Promotional Email – When your company has a product or service that needs to be recommended, this is the email that does the heavy lifting. It’s probably the most common, too.

You can promote a special deal – BOGO, Half-price sale, Limited quantities, etc. You can choose to send them out once a day or when you have a promotion.

This one’s pretty cut and dry.

5). The Last Chance Email – A very persuasive type of email. You’re trying to get the “fence sitters,” the procrastinators, to make a decision to become your customer.

This email will contain phrases such as “Your final chance to(benefit of your product) …” or “…save $$ if you order by midnight tonight,” “This is your last chance to experience the(benefit)…” to be the most effective.

6). The Cart Abandonment Email – This is your chance to strike while the iron is hot! This type of email or emails remind you you left something in your cart and didn’t complete the purchase.

Saavy businesses send a series of these emails to nudge the potential customer to finish the order. And usually these emails are sent out automatically after a couple of hours after the cart was left empty.